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Change Log

  • I moved the website to a new server and enhanced site maintenance with some technical gimmicks; like a bash script that rsyncs changes via OpenSSH, making changes much more easy than with SFTP I used before.

  • I changed the layout technically, using nor as a basis. If I did everything right, this has no visual impact except the overall width of the page.

  • I have all my AARs now strictly formalized due to a custom developed RNG schema. This allows me greater flexibility when I decide to change the layouts of the whole or part of the AARs by effecting all changes with one Xslt.

  • I changed the layout to a cleaner one, after receiving complaints concerning the readability of the last one.

    Many thanks to Björn for helping determining the right colour composition!

  • After years (since Septembre 2011) of redesigning my gallery both optically and technically, it is finally back online! Now I only need to take photos and add them from all the minis in my gaming room...

  • I use Google Analytics now for tracking the usage of my webpage.

  • I added a RSS feed to inform about new content.

  • I changed the webpage completely. Apart from the new layout, the whole site is now mantained in DocBook.

  • I relocated the webpage to my own server.

  • I redesigned the layout of the whole site as well as the structure of the main menue. Enjoy :-) Comments welcome

  • I replaced the webtropia guestbook with a custom build one. Please feel free to use it :-)

  • I uploaded my page to my own domain.

  • I changed the counter from webcounter to pyroavtive.

  • I registered with '' for a guestbook. Please use it!.

  • I registered with Nedstat.

  • I received my approval to the Wargamer's Webring.

  • I inserted this News area.

  • I scaled down all of the fullsize pictures.

  • I reformatted the layout of all the text links.

  • I uploaded my page.