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This SiFi game was played on 2015-11-15 at Keller West using Starwars: Imperial Assault-Rules (set in ' Starwars ') and 28mm miniatures. This report was written by Matthias.



Norman bought Imperial Assault, and today we played the first scenario of the campaign, Aftermath. Alex and myself each played two rebels (Mak Eshka'rey, Garkaahn and Fenn Signis, Jyn Odan) while Norman played the Imperial Evil Doers.



Starting positions.


At the end of turn 1, the Storm Troopers had all been eliminated, and the first transmitter was also already damaged. All the damage caused by the Imperial troops was directed at the Wookiee, who had suffered 9/14 damage.


The second turn saw the rest of the Imperials killed as well as the first transmitter destroyed. At this stage the rebels felt very sure to win the game, as it was more or less a piece of cake so far.


When Mak and Fenn had moved up to the door in the next turn (Fenn discovering a C22 fragmentation grenade in the box), Jyn opened the door - and the rebels were faced with a tripod mounted weapon! Norman activated it next and in one shot defeated Jyn! The Imperial troops moved up and caused more damage on the rebels.


As the Imperials had so nicely bunched up, Fenn used the C22 to good effect, killing all but one Stormtrooper, including the tripod-mounted heavy weapon.


Mopping up more Imperials and damaging the transmitters.


When more Imperial troops arrived, the Rebels withdrew further into the complex.


The Imperials managed to also defeat the Wookiee. Damage on the transmitters further piled up.


In the last turn, the rebels managed to destroy the last transmitter with their first activation!


The rebels would have had more chances to destroy the last transmitter in the final turn, but the Imperials also had managed to defeat three rebels, so would only have needed to defeat one more...


The rebels collected 900$, which were spent on a Combat Coat for Garkhaan and a Marksman Barrel for Fenn.

XPs were spent the following way:

  1. Garkhaan: Wookiee Fortitude

  2. Mak: Disengage

  3. Fenn: Take Cover

  • Matthias

    This was the first time I played Imperial Assault. It is not comparable to a 'proper' wargame, and certain rules like the ones for LOS and to dice for the range of your attack felt quite weird, but it is a nice dungeon crawler type of game. Some of the mechanics and how they interact are done quite cleverly.

    This is not my new favourit game, and will probably not make it to my wish list, but playing it from time to time to follow the campaign will certainly be fun.